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Make sure your property is properly treated with property protection!


House Wash

  • The following prices are for all 4 sides of your house.
  • We can also do $90 Per Side up to 2,500sqf houses!
  • Must add one of the following services: Deck, Driveway, or Sidewalk at a regular price "for Per Side service".
  • House wash minimum price is $150
Building Materials Per sqft of house
Sidings & Hardie Planks
    $.0.13+ p/sqft
    Breaks & Stucco

      $0.15+ p/sqft



    • Reg Price = Regular Price
    • Com Price = Combo Price (must include house wash)
    • Driveway Size are calculated with google earth.

      *We will also include your walkway in your combo package! *(front side only)

      Driveway Size Reg / Com
      680 sqf +

        $0.22+ / $0.20+




        • Reg Price = Regular Price
        • Com Price = Combo Price (must include a house wash)
        • Deck Size Reg / Com
          8 x 8 ft $150 / $120
          10 x 10 ft 
            $190 / $150
            12 x 12 ft
              $210/ $170
              15 x 15 ft $240 / $190
              18 x 18 ft $270 / $210



              Why choose Splash Dash GA?

              ▪︎No Streak Marks on your Driveway after being washed! - Amazing customer service with professionalism.

              ▪︎We will move your outdoor properties so you don't have to. (up to 20lb)

              ▪︎We do a walkaround with our customers to ensure they know what to expect when the work is done!

              ▪︎Property Protection: Covering exposed outdoor electrical outlets, some wooden stained doors may need to be covered from exposure to chemicals, watering plants and vegetation from being shocked by chemicals, etc.


              Getting your service done is one thing, but showing the results with great customer service and trust goes a long way. Hi, my name is John, and our goal is to make as many repeat customers as possible, We are committed to delivering quality work for you all. Thank you for hiring Splash Dash GA for your service needs!

              With gratitude & optimism~

              Splash Dash GA